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    The Company

    Founded in 2011, Cap8 Doors & Hardware is a full-service commercial door and Division 10 & 12 distributor and installer located in Washington, D.C. serving the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer a full range of architectural products from top-tier hollow metal, wood door, and hardware manufacturers. Our team provides complete job coverage on a wide variety of projects across divisions 8, 10, and 12 drawing from exceptional past performance and continual success. We manage everything from a standard tenant office fit-out, to a community-serving school revitalization, to a large and complex new multi-unit housing facility. Accessibility, open communication, and proactive responsiveness are the guiding principles that allow us to bring a unique perspective to any project performed.


    • Data Centers
    • Higher Education (e.g., dormitory/residence halls, learning centers)
    • Federal
    • Hospitals
    • Schools
    • Tenant Fit-outs
    • Apartments & High Rises
    • Senior Living


    • Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
    • Fiberglass Doors & Frames
    • Wood Doors
    • Keying
    • Hollow Metal Doors & Frames
    • Fiberglass Doors & Frames
    • Commercial Aluminum Doors
    • Commercial Wood Doors
    • Door Hardware and Keying Systems
    • Commercial Security Access Control

    DIVISIONS 10 & 12

    • Marker Boards and Tack Boards
    • Lockers
    • Accessories
    • Partitions
    • Corner Guards
    • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
    • Flag Poles
    • Entrance Mats & Floor Grates
    • Bicycle Racks
    • Benches
    • Litter Receptacles
    • Recycling Containers