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    Job Spotlight: “Hill East – Building F”

    The very beginning stages of a job - Hill East Building F! These photos were taken in late-November of 2021. This will be a very large Division 8 job for Cap8, and we are very excited to see the project through! This job is in partnership ...

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    Employee Spotlight: Alonzo Barnes, Jr.

    We would like to give a big shout-out and congratulations to our newest Warehouse Manager, Alonzo Barnes, Jr.! Alonzo started at Cap8 back in September of 2021 as a Warehouse Assistant. Over the past few months, he has shown himself to b...

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    Job Spotlight: “West Elementary School”

    One of Cap8's specialties are large-scale school projects, and elementary schools are no exception! Take a look at the great work of our Division 8 & 10 teams! This job is in partnership with Gilbane Building Company. ...

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    New Employee Spotlight – Tom Curry

    Cap8 would like to spotlight one of our newest employees, Tom Curry! Tom has joined the team here at Cap8 Doors & Hardware as our Senior Project Director. In this position, Tom will oversee our Project Management team, build relationships with ...

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    2021: Off to a Great Start!

    2020 was a challenging year for all. With the COVID-19 pandemic turning life as we know it upside down, Cap8 Doors & Hardware has had to adjust to a new normal – employees working from home, strict regulations around PPE and social distancing...

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