Breland Green

Assistant Project Manager

Breland Green is an Assistant Project Manager at Cap8 Doors and Hardware. Breland handles Division 10 (Specialites) projects and assists with Division 8 (Doors, Frames, and Hardware) projects as needed.  As an architecture student at Howard University, he was recommended by a friend to explore other options within the building industry; a common practice amongst those with architectural backgrounds.  In June of 2014, Breland began working with Cap8 as an intern knowing very little about the construction industry.  However, while studying at the feet of mentors who’ve dedicated 20 plus years of experience, he quickly encountered a gulf of information that consistently replenishes his own building construction knowledge base.

Originating from Denver, Colorado, Breland began his career path in Architecture and Building Construction in an after school program as a high schooler.  This is where he was first exposed to various components to the building construction profession and, the broader, built environment.  Stimulated by the freedom, creativity, and envisioning spectra of styles and forms, Breland was enamored by his Architecture class and initiated a steadfast digestion of historic and contemporary styles and techniques to convoke his own ideas and passion.  Stressing the importance of exposure and enlightenment, he enrolled in this class for 4 consecutive years; each of time presenting a new challenge and a chance to exercise his critical thinking skills he would later employee in his design courses in college.

In 2007, he entered Tuskegee University as a freshman Architecture major and excelled in his design studio course in which he was bestowed the First Year Excellence by Design award for achievements in freshman studio.  In the fall of 2008, Breland decided to continue and finish his design studies at Howard University where his classroom expanded well beyond his drawing table and into Washington’s rich, architectural landscape.  Critical lessons were learned during this period in which tested his talent and emulation for architecture in means previously uncharted.  Eventually, Breland would graduate cum laude from Howard University, propelled and re-calibrated by the direction in which his passions had led him and enthused by the road yet paved.

Now going on his second year with Cap8, Breland has enjoyed contributing to the growth of the young and progressive door supplier as it elevates in capacity.  In his opinion, the most satiable component of Cap8 is its eclectic team of professionals who are dedicated to offering an unorthodox experience and platform of service to its mounting client base.  Headed by one of the savviest business women in the Washington DC area, Cap8 continues to shatter expectations by example and command permanence within a perdurable establishment. Breland hopes to bear witness to the unwritten successes and advancement of Cap8 stature for months and years to come.